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The Great Mystery Story

The Original Blog and Podcast

How do you eat an elephant?
 The journey of my spiritual awakening from generational trauma and narcissistic abuse has been long and troubled. What I see now, what I accept now, what I feel now is so profound I don’t ever think I can do it justice. But I have a message from Spirit; an important one about the new beginning. A Call to Arms to help relieve this world of the spiritual and existential crisis it faces. 

So, as you would eat an elephant (but please don’t! ), my message will be delivered a little bit at a time. Partly for ease, partly because the enlightenments and trauma healing are ongoing, and partly because I was once told ‘show them, don’t tell them.’ To show you with the written word, the Universal magic that surrounds us all.

You are Loved!

Through Opened Eye

A Socio-Spiritual Commentary of What Is and What Could Be.

What if the deleterious unseen patterns in our culture and in our way of being were, in fact, seen and laid out on the proverbial kitchen table for us all to look at? What would happen if we became curious again and unpacked our boxes of judgements to allow introspective study of these patterns? Would we be comfortable owning our bullshit in order for us to heal? For everything to heal?

‘Heal? I don’t need to heal!’ you might say.

Well, dear prospective reader, I seriously doubt you are right. Unbeknownst to most, we’ve been quietly and unceremoniously harmed from the moment we were born and I’m about to tell you why.

That is of course, if you’ve the courage to read on, as the truth is often painful. But as the famous saying goes, it will set you free and in this case, could also save our planet.

Question is, do I carry the righteous anger of the human race or just one man’s?

You see, awakening isn’t just about Unicorns.

Yup! Still Loved