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Energy Shifter

Heyokas can sense heavy, negative vibrations in the air, and they can quickly transmute them. They are known to
cause disruptions, or jolts, with good intentions so that they can transmute an individual's energy to alter the mood or atmosphere and bring to the table the inauthentic parts born from trauma that no longer serve. This process is only for the courageous who have often tried conventional therapy without lasting results. It requires deep introspection, profound honesty and, above all, a child-like curiosity. 

Paradigm shifts are not uncommon.

My calling as Heyoka from the Great Spirit was brought about by
several significant events and attributes throughout my life, culminating in the sounds of the Thunder-beings from the West, 10 years prior to my finally listening; therefore, I do not use this sacred title disrespectfully. For those more reassured by academic qualifications, I also have a post-graduate qualification in psychotherapy. 

Profound Intuition

Heyokas have enhanced intuition giving them the ability to read and affect other people's emotional states. They easily pick up blindspots. Heyokas use both light and dark energies (sometimes humorous, sometimes not) to open people's minds and to heal. We have a profound understanding of all toxic traits


As healers (although this is a misnomer as we merely shine a light onto your healing power), Heyokas can feel, see and understand (I call it 'See-Feel') an individual's struggle with trauma which has most often been buried deep in their sub-conscious resulting in unhealthy coping strategies such as addiction, love avoidance, anxiety, depression and repeated toxic relational patterns to name but a few. I aim to reconnect all aspects of Self (mind, body, soul) not only through dialogue and psychic energy but also through immersive sound baths (calling in support of other Spiritual therapists when needed), journeying and for female clients, where appropriate, an intimate sensualist-journey experience that will release deep emotional wounds.

Listening to the Land speak

How I work

From finally stepping into the power we each hold inside and becoming fully Awakened I'm realising my calling which is to help others heal themselves from their pain held deep inside. After re-acquainting with your inner child (often starting with a ‘back to the womb’ suspension/ floating exercise)  I'll help you develop a compassion and understanding of the Shadow and inner and outer critic we each hold inside our psyche. Only from understanding your Shadow can you be sure that you aren't operating within its harmful grasp. You'll learn how your Shadow is nothing to be feared and that from that Darkness always comes  Light, and then, the Magic. Through silliness, painting, walks and music (maybe ice cream too) you'll have your childhood again, only this time you'll be with a nurturing parent- you!

I work in the South Wales area of the UK. You'll be required to attend my residence regularly once we have agreed a treatment program (sometimes suggesting the support from other spiritual therapists, as mentioned earlier) and in some circumstances, a residential stay may be offered.

Everyone deserves that their spirit shine when the Universe calls them to heal.) so I operate a donation-based fee structure. (I firmly believe that cost should never be an issue for anyone’s healing journey.)

I can also offer Zoom sessions where distance is an issue. 

Love and Light


For genuine enquiries:

Please use the contact form below. Include name, area of residence, age and a brief outline of your suffering. Many thanks. 

You are Loved

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